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Paging Systems

Paging is an ever-important and effective communication tool. Mitel offers paging and intercom equipment solutions for environments such as large offices, warehouses, schools, hotels, hospitals and automotive dealerships—or any place where you need to communicate via a public address system. Mitel has selected vendors to provide more options for you—talkback intercom systems, first responder systems and emergency evacuation systems, as well as a wide variety of speakers and horns to fit your needs.

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Bogen® Communications, Inc. offers a complete line of public address and 70 volt paging systems, known for quality sound and high wattage capacity.

J-TECH on-site UHF pagers provide an innovative alternative to loud and intrusive paging horns and speakers. Available products include complete onsite paging systems with various transmitters and pagers to choose from. J-TECH is a leading supplier of restaurant pagers, server pagers and customer pagers.

Valcom offers 24-volt, telephony oriented paging and intercom systems. Clarity by Valcom includes a complete line of 70-volt paging components and intercom products.

Wheelock®, Inc. is best known for telephony loud ringing devices and strobes. In addition, they offer a broad line of digital voice announcement systems and emergency evacuation systems. Wheelock products feature ease of installation, reliability and innovative solutions for a wide variety of communications requirements.


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