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Our President

    Rel Comm was founded in 1986 in the basement of my house.  Back in those days I had five or six pretty large customers and one Technician.  

We now have offices in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Raleigh, North Carolina.  The five or six Customers have now become over 1,000 Customers with a staff of over 40 professionals to support them. 

     The company has grown from providing refurbished Telecommunication systems to being one of the top Mitel Dealers in the Nation. 

     The core values that have fueled that growth are providing a high quality product with superior installation and support.  We have invested heavily in Technical Training for our Service and Support Specialists which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver a high quality installation regardless of our Customer’s size or applications.

     Our goal is not only to acquire new customers but to retain the existing ones through consistently providing good service and support. As technology changes we are determined to stay ahead of the curve while never losing sight of the values that this company was founded upon.




Robert C. Murray    



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