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Rel Comm History

pro_wm_confrm.jpgRel Comm Inc. was started as Reliable Communications by Bob Murray in 1986.  Today the company employs over 40 self-motivated, fully trained technical, sales, and support professionals. We provide a wide range of telecommunications systems (voice and data) products and services to over 1,000 satisfied customers with a variety of economic functions, needs, and objectives.

From commercial enterprises to medical, professional, and religious entities to educational and municipal organizations Rel Comm is the service provider with the experience and expertise to fulfill the needs of your organization.

 Rel Comm - Your 21st century telecommunications solutions provider focused on the principles of:

Our professional staff is experienced, certified, and fully trained on a continual basis in the telecommunications systems and products we sell and service. Our employees reflect the REL COMM core values of listening to and hearing our customer's needs and ideas and working with the customer as a team to provide the best, cost effective products and solution. Our goal is to delight our customers, not simply satisfy them.
PRODUCTS.jpg We offer a full range of contemporary and emerging technology telecommuncations systems, products and services.  Our staff can assist you with your needs assessment and planning, design, engineering, installation, training, and maintainenance of your current, upgraded, or new telecommunications systems.

We know in today's business environment every penny counts.  Those pennies turn into thousands of dollars with increased employee productivity, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Rel Comm's dealer status and extensive industry wide relationships enable us to provide, install, and maintain quality, warrantied systems, products, and services at industry wide competitive, fair pricing.  This translates into those dollars coming back to you and your company.



REL COMM - A Platinum Authorized Dealer for Mitel Networks telecommunications systems and products.  This designation places Rel Comm as top 20 Channel Partner in the United States.

REL COMM - As a former authorized dealer for Nortel, we still maintain a substantial number of large Nortel deployments.  In anticipation of the collapse of Nortel and the probability that the brand and company would cease to exist, REL COMM has been instrumental in the development of a Mitel integration package that will offer Nortel customers a migration path on to the Mitel 3300 ICP PBX without a total "forklift" of the existing Nortel equipment. Our Mitel integration package will provide a communication link between the Nortel PBX and the Mitel 3300 that is more transparent than any other solution currently available in the marketplace. REL COMM'S training and experience on both Nortel and Mitel products uniquely positions us to deal with this issue.

REL COMM - An authorized Dealer for Spydur Technologies. When choosing your telecommunications solution, flexibility and system capability are both extremely important.  Rel Comm Inc. has formed a new partnership with Spydur Technologies to offer a solution that provides both.

REL COMM - An authorized Champion Partner of ShoreTel.  Purpose-built for IP, ShoreTel's brilliantly simple phone system with integrated UC and contact center capabilities cuts out the costly complexity associated with IP-enabled legacy or bolted-together systems. ShoreTel's all-in-one solution is as easy to deploy, manage, and scale as it is intuitive to use, resulting in the industry's lowest total cost of ownership and highest customer satisfaction ratings.

REL COMM - A Juniper Systems Authorized Reseller of Wireless Data products.

REL COMM - An Authorized Dealer for Spectra Link / Polycom and Engenius wireless phone systems.


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